Yellow reads the Kama Sutra

to write a new edition.

I admire her.

She admonishes me.

Lately I have rotted like wood,

muddled like a puddle.

Where is my orgasmic frenzy of doing

and being done?

Diary of Radiation

Diary of Radiation


The color of water, I race slowly and win.

See how I die without fanfare,

taking millions with me?

I adore the breeze.

I covet the air but do not need it.

At the crest of unbelief my candle bobs along

on an inflatable saucer.

Juice Bar

Juice bar


I was Lysol scented

dark light opening doors everyone wanted shut.

She was a bursting gummy bear the woman hugged

then woman devoured slowly.

But no one eats poison.

No one devours a sour black light,

and no one hugs it either.





Lush lights linger lightly on my legs.

Excess ecstasy jerks in my finger tips.

I have too much of myself.

I am smoldering.

My old jeans make juice from jam.

I’m going to take my face off

and dance with the band.

Please understand.

In Italics

I have been mistreated by myself in italics.

I was mistreated in italics.

I was in italics when I was mistreated.

I have threatened myself

And been threatened by people who loved me

with knives for hands.

I cut everything.

Life is a hallway.

God this hallway is a mess,

my clothes strewn everywhere.

My Government

Peripheral issues,

like where to raise fireflies,

consume my government.

My government,

not yours.

I don’t share,

And my whole bureaucracy is off their meds, anyways.

Stop staring at my nudity.

You aren’t supposed to be here.


Look up water.

See what books,

so fearful of the subject,

refuse to stay.

Flowers gasp to stay afloat.

His desires spirit him away.

His desire to finger the piano,


with or without her face.

The touch of her mind on the water

regal red.

Life and I do not care who we have.

He is

crunched afterbirth.


She needs sour apple vodka mixed with a tart schnapps.

On her way in the nonchalant dark her dignity escaped her.

At the counter a man wonders where fugitive dignity hides.

She leaves holding black bags,

tries not to notice that even with 6 clanging bags of bottles

her load is lighter than it was.